• “Crew Schielke and I worked very closely together for about ten years at Harwood Lloyd and Phillips Nizer LLP. I have had experiences with many young lawyers, but none were more dedicated to their clients’ interests than Crew. His intelligence, diligence and terrific personality made him a real asset for clients and colleagues. I recommend him highly and without reservation.”

    Edward G. Imperatore, Esq.
    Professional Colleague
  • "Crew Schielke is a great attorney who has helped me to resolve a number of different legal issues. I trust that I can reach him when I need him, and he always impressed me with his professionalism and competence. I endorse him with enthusiasm."

    Amr Kahf, M.D.,
  • "Since retaining Mr. Schielke's services, we instantly saw a dramatic improvement in quality of service over our previous law firm. Our association was in a very difficult spot and Mr. Schielke was able to provide fantastic counsel and push our lawsuit through his hard work and dedication to achieving results. We got what we needed and are now in a position of strength, much due to Mr. Schielke's efforts. All the board members commented on how we had never before seen such strong and aggressive work ethic and he has earned our 100% trust. I highly commend Mr. Schielke for his knowledge, dedication, and skills. He has very much impressed our association and property management."

    Chuck Frederickson, President
    Hilltop Farm Condominium Association
  • "We have been legal clients of the Schielke family for over 20 years. Beginning with A. Crew Schielke, Jr., and

    currently with his son, Crew Schielke, all our legal business has always been taken care of. Mr. Schielke has always demonstrated the utmost expertise and professionalism in all our business dealings. In addition to being knowledgeable in diverse areas of the law, he is always eager to assist in an extremely agreeable and friendly manner. We will always feel confident that all our dealings with Mr. Schielke will be handled in a timely, accurate, and

    pleasant fashion."

    Phillip and Donna Berkowitz
  • "Hi Crew. I appreciate the hard work and successful results on my behalf. Best regards."

    Steven Branda
  • "Crew is a detailed and professionally aggressive attorney that is eager to obtain results for his clients. It is evident in his work ethic and evident in the results themselves. He is a pleasure to work with."

    Brian Wilkin, Director of Business Development
    Wilkin Management
    Professional Colleague
  • "Crew is a highly capable, articulate, and diligent practitioner of law. I have known him for several years, and he is incredibly dedicated to his clients. He has an incredible work ethic and a wealth of experience. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney."

    Peter Valenzano, Esq.
    Hyderally and Associates, P.C.
    Professional Colleague
  • "Crew is a fantastic litigator and excellent communicator. He runs his cases with surgical efficiency and precision. Crew is a superb strategist, and always works in the best interests of his clients." 

    Bradley Rothschild, Esq.
    Bienstock & Michael, P.C.
    Professional Colleague
  •  “Crew Schielke and I were colleagues at Harwood Lloyd. After we both left the firm to pursue career opportunities elsewhere, we have kept in touch and have had many occasions to discuss various legal issues raised in the matters that we have handled. I have always found Crew to be an invaluable resource. His intimate familiarity with diverse areas of law, and his ability to see the big picture, enable him to quickly develop a clear strategy, and to execute a practical plan of action to protect his clients' interests and to accomplish their short term and long term goals. I am very happy to endorse him.”

    Roosevelt Jean, Esq.
    Chasan, Leyner & Lamparello
    Professional Colleague
  • "I have had the good fortune of working with Crew for several years at Phillips Nizer LLP and earlier at Harwood Lloyd, LLC, and have always found him to be an excellent attorney, top notch professional and, equally important, a great guy. Crew is very easy to work with, as he is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right and has a great attitude."

    Robert M. Adams, Esq.
    Phillips Nizer, LLP
    Professional Colleague
  • "Crew is an extremely bright lawyer who writes and researches at a very high level. His work is top-tier and he is extremely dedicated to his cases. I thoroughly endorse him."

    N. Ari Weisbrot, Esq.
    Phillips Nizer, LLP
    Professional Colleague

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